The Journal of Sophia Asian Studies No. 20 : The Study of Jawi Documents

The result of JSG's research project is featured in the special issue of the Journal of Sophia Asian Studies, entitled the "Study of Jawi Documents." This issue was published on 27 December 2002 as JSAS No. 20 by the Institute of Asian Cultures, Sophia University (7-1 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8554). ISSN 0289-1417. A copy may be availabe from the JSG office while limited stock lasts.

Full text of the Journal of Sophia Asian Studies No. 20 is now available online through the CiNii service provided by NII (National Institute of Informatics).

Table of Contents

Notes: There are two articles that are not part of the "Study of Jawi Documents" in JSAS No. 20. [ja] stands for an article written in Japanese with English summary, whereas [en] for an article in English.

Introduction to the Special Issue on the Study of Jawi Documents [ja] KAWASHIMA Midori p. 1
Part 1: Aspects of Southeast Asia from the Viewpoint of the Jawi document
Indian-derived scripts in Insular Southeast Asia [ja] AOYAMA Toru p. 11
Writing Foreign Languages with Arabic Letters: The Jawi Script in Comparative Perspective [ja] TONAGA Yasushi p. 25
Jawi Materials in West Sumatra, Indonesia: An Analysis of Islamic Journals and Books in the First Half of Twentieth Century [ja] Mina HATTORI p. 45
"Arab" Periodicals in the First Half of the Twentieth Century in Southeast Asia [ja] Kazuhiro ARAI p. 63
Islamic Publications in Modern Southeast Asia [ja] MIICHI Ken p. 75
Inscriptions of the Samrong Bridge of Songkhla in Southeast Asia [ja] KURODA Keiko p. 93
Nostalgia, Resistance, and Beyond: Contested Uses of Jawi Islamic Literature and the Political Identity of the Patani Malays [en] Alexander HORSTMANN p. 111
The Place of Jawi in Contemporary Cambodia [en] Omar farouk BAJUNID p. 123
Commentary on the Sebuku Document: Local History from the Perspective of a Minor Polity of Coastal Northeast Borneo [en] Mika OKUSHIMA p. 149
The Making of Islamci Knowledge at the Periphery: A Case of the Sama Dilaut in Sabah, Malaysia (1950s-70s) [ja] NAGATSU Kazufumi p. 173
The Surat Sug: The Jawi Tradition in the Philippines [en] Samuel K. TAN p. 197
Commentary on a Maranao Petition: Letter of Haji Bogabong, 1934 [ja] KAWASHIMA Midori p. 211
Part 2: An Introduction to the Bibliography, catalogues, and Material Concerning the Jawi
Bibliography of Indonesian Catalogues on Jawi Documents [ja] Editors: HATTORI Mina, OKUSHIMA Mika
Authors: AOYAMA Toru, KUNIYA Toru, SUGAHARA Yumi, NISHIO Kanji, MIICHI Ken and the above editors
p. 231
Jawi Manuscripts in Malaysia: Overview and Reference Books [ja] NISHIO Kanji and TSUBOI Yuji p. 243
Qalam and Its Article List in Romanized Malay [ja] YAMAMOTO Hiroyuki p. 259
Chapter 20, "Many Characteristics of Unbelief in the Present Age" in the Introduction to Muslim Creed, by Abdul Hadi Awang. Romanized Transcription, Japanese Translation, and Explanatory Notes [ja] NAKATA Ko p. 345
Part 3: An Introductory Guide to Jawi
An Explanatory Note on the Transliteration of Jawi in 20th Century Malaysia [ja] YAMAMOTO Hiroyuki p. 359
Writing Jawi on Computer [ja] Kazuhiro ARAI p. 383
Other Articles
Sacraments and the Social Functions of the Catholic Church in South Indiea—Focused on the Baptism and the Eucharist— [ja] Nobuko Catherine OKAMITSU p. 397
The Banteay Kdei temple re-examined: Some evidence to interpret the history through and after Angkor period [en] Masako MARUI p. 411