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CNRS-KIAS/SIAS Joint Seminar 2018

"Holy Relics and Religious Commodities in Islam + Other Related Subjects Including Graduate Student Presentations"

CNRS-KIAS/SIAS Joint Seminar 2018
Holy Relics and Religious Commodities in Islam
+ Other Related Subjects Including Graduate Student Presentations

Date: January 21-22, 2018
Venue: Toyo University's Training Center in Atami
12, Momoyama-cho 1, Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture 413-0006 (only in Japanese)
January 21: 13:00-18:00
(13:00-13:15) Opening Remarks: TONAGA Yasushi (KIAS, Kyoto University)

Part 1: Holy Relics and Religious Commodities in Islam + Related Subjects

(13:15-13:50) Pierre-Jean LUIZARD (EPHE-CNRS GSRL)
“Damascus and Cairo: Two Heads of Hussein for Two Kinds of Worship”
(13:50-14:15) KONDO Fumiya (Ph.D. student, SGPAS, Sophia University)
“Mawlid Dolls of Egypt in terms of “Religious Commodities”: A Preliminary Study”
(14:15-14:50) Thierry ZARCONE (EPHE-CNRS GSRL)
“Qadamgâh and Mausoleums Associated with Relics of Imam Alî ibn Abu Tâlib in the Indo-Turko-Persian Area”

(14:50-15:00 Break)

(15:00-15:35) NIHOMIYA Ayako (Aoyama Gakuin University)
“Qadam-i Sharīf, Mecca and Delhi: Story of a Sufi and Footprints of the Prophet Muḥammad in Medieval India”
(15:35-16:10) Alexandre PAPAS (CNRS-CETOBAC)
“Kashkûl: Practical Uses and Doctrinal Meanings of a Sufi Relic”
(16:10-16:45) TAKAHASHI Kei (JSPS Research Fellow-RPD)
“Sufism without Tariqa: The Emergence of Muslim Third Places in the Contemporary American Muslim Community”

(16:45-17:00 Break)

Part 2: Graduate Student Presentations 1

(17:00-17:30) ISHIKAWA Kido (Ph.D. student, ASAFAS, Kyoto University)
“The Mode of Expression of the Love in the works of Bābā Ṭāhir”
(17:30-18:00) SUENO Takanori (Ph.D. student, ASAFAS, Kyoto University)
“The Idea of Sufism by Ibrāhīm Niyās: From a Perspective as a Sharī‘a Oriented Sūfī”

January 22: 09:00-12:00
Part 3: Graduate Student Presentations 2

(09:00-09:30) YAMAZAKI Satoru (Ph.D. student, ASAFAS, Kyoto University)
“Syrian Civil War, Sectarianism, and the Turkish Arab ʿAlawīs’ Struggle for Recognition”
(09:30-10:00) Kamnoush KHOSROVANI (Ph.D. student, EPHE-CNRS GSRL)
“On the Path of an Exuberant Sufi Practice :An Anthropological Study of the Contemporary Female Qâdéri Groups in Tehran”

(10:00-10:10 Break)

Part 4: Holy Relics and Religious Commodities in Islam + Related Subjects 2

(10:10-10:45) FUTATSUYAMA Tatsuro (Research Associate of the NIHU/KIAS, Kyoto University)
“Qur’ānic Interior Ornaments in Ordinary Muslims’ Space: From the case of South Tunisia”
(10:45-11:20) YASUDA Shin (Teikyo University)
“Commodifying Religious Experiences: Islamic Tour Operators and Religious Markets in Indonesia”
(11:20-11:50) General Comments: Pierre-Jean LUIZARD, Alexandre PAPAS, and Thierry ZARCONE
(11:50-12:00) Closing Remarks: AKAHORI Masayuki (SIAS, Sophia University)

Thierry ZARCONE, TONAGA Yasushi, MISAWA Nobuo (Faculty of Social Sciences, Toyo University), AKAHORI Masayuki
Sponsoring Institutes and Research Projects:
École Pratique des Hautes Études-Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique Groupe Sociétés, Religions, Laïcités
KIAS (Center for Islamic Area Studies, Graduate School of Asian and African Studies)
SIAS (Center for Islamic Studies, Sophia University)
NIHU Area Studies Project for the Modern Middle East
Kenan Rifai Center for Sufi Studies, Kyoto University
Structural Comprehension of Islamic Mysticism: Investigation into Sufism–Tariqa–Saint Cults Complex (Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A), JSPS)
Anthropological Studies on Veneration of Saints and Relics in the Mediterranean World (Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B), JSPS)
Comparative Area Studies on Conflicts, Interactions, and Reconciliations between Islam and Other Religions Including Christianity (Sophia University Special Grant for Academic Research (Research in Priority Areas))

NIHU=National Institute of Humanities
ASAFAS=Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies, Kyoto University
SGPAS=Sophia Graduate Program for Area Studies, Graduate School of Global Studies, Sophia University

Research Activities

  • Sophia and Waseda Joint Research Prokect Histories and Current Circumstances of Interreliglous Relations in Asia and Africa
  • isramic area studies, sophia university(2006-2015)
  • Inter-University Research Institute Corporation National Institutes for the Humanities
  • Center for Modern Middle East Studies, National Museum of Ethnology
  • Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
  • Center for Islamic Area Studies at Kyoto University
  • Graduate school of international resource sciences,akita univercity
  • Organization for Islamic Area Studies,Waseda University
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