1-7 Sophia University Library


Sophia University Library

1-7-1  Library collection trends

The figure below exhibits changes in the number of books in the library collection at the Central Library, Law School Library and the Mejiro Seibo Campus Library. The library collection increased considerably in AY2011 due to the merger with Seibo College, but the number of books decreased the following academic year as a result of removal. A distinctive feature of Sophia University’s library collection is that it has a relatively large number of books written in foreign languages compared to other universities.
Regarding electronic journals, their price increase forced to review the library collection in 2015, and the number of them were greatly reduced. The number of electronic books, mainly those written in foreign languages, is gradually increasing.

1-7-2  Library Use

・Number of books in circulation
The number of books on loan varies year to year. We do not consider that the said number has decreased to such a degree that the popularly discussed trend of not reading books is growing. Use not reflected in figures has increased, such as the number of e-books and the like on loan.

・Number of library visitors
While the number of library visitors has fluctuated over the last 10 years, it has shown a slight decrease. One reason for this is the digitalization of reference materials and the fact that reference materials can be accessed from home.