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Sophia University Campus life

1-5-1  Total number of scholarship recipients

The number of scholarship recipients provided is the sum of total recipients of Sophia University Scholarships, JASSO Scholarships and other scholarships. Given the recent enhancement of scholarships, the gross total has followed an increasing trend and has exceeded 3,000 students, but the ratio of recipients to total number of students enrolled is around 20-30% in each faculty. At the graduate school level, about 60% of the students enrolled in a graduate school receive scholarships. The total number of recipients dropped drastically in AY2014 due to the abolition of the Graduate School Research Subsidy Scholarship awarded to 900 recipients every year, which accompanied the significant reduction in Graduate School tuition in AY2014.

1-5-2  Sophia University Scholarships: Number of Recipients

The major scholarship programs offered by Sophia University are New Students Scholarship, Tuition Support Scholarships and Benefactors’ Scholarships, which support students who have financial difficulty. Those scholarships collectively account for 90% of total recipients excluding those who receive Sophia University Academic Excellence Awards. Further, for students who have suffered from earthquakes or other extensive natural disasters, exemptions from tuition fees are made possible depending on the degree of damage to student living quarters via Student Exemption Due to Disaster Damage or through the provision of living expenses. As of AY2015, international students paying their own expenses became subject to the same selection process for Tuition Support as Japanese students, and candidates were thus required to submit an income certificate for each parent for Tuition Support for international students paying their own expenses. This scholarship program reform caused a temporary drop in the number of recipients at both undergraduate and graduate levels. On the other hand, support has been enhanced for targeted regions. For example, Benefactors’ Scholarships that offer tuition reduction for Southeast Asian and African students have been expanded.

1-5-3  Newly granted recipients of Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) Scholarship

JASSO Scholarships include Category 1 Loans (interest-free) and Category 2 Loans (interest rate of 3.0% or less per year). At the undergraduate level, new enrollees (first-year students) account for 80% of total number of recipients. In 2017 the awarding of grant-based scholarships for undergraduate students was also commenced.

1-5-4  Extracurricular student organizations and membership

Approximately 60% of all extracurricular student organizations are “Unorganized.” No significant changes have been observed in the number of organizations in each year, but an overall downward trend can be seen in the total since AY2013. This is presumed to be due to procedural changes in the approval of newly established extracurricular student organizations implemented in AY2013 that no longer allow organizations to be established year round, but limit new applications to spring and autumn, as many organizations ceased to continue after approval.
Regarding the number of students who belong to extracurricular student organizations, the percentage accounts for a little lower than 60% of all undergraduate enrollees, while the cumulative number of those students is almost 10,000 and the number has trended upward year by year. This is because many students belong to more than one extracurricular student organizations.