Studying interculturally at the Faculty of Foreign Studies 

This is a student exchange program between partner institutions in German speaking countries and the Sophia University’s Faculty of Foreign Studies. Students from German speaking countries who participate in this program will, in principle be enrolled in Sophia University, the Faculty of Foreign Studies, for one semester or two semesters. Concept of the program: Language as a basis for area studies

The Distinctive Qualities of the Faculty of Foreign Studies

  • Faculty members with different nationalities from all over the world work together to offer intensive and efficient language education (Russian, Portuguese, Spanisch, French, German, English).
  • žAbout each region is studied from a variety of perspectives, such as language, philosophy, politics, society and media.
  • žComparative courses, in which students from both German speaking countries and Japan learn side by side, are an integral part of the courses.

What German Speaking Students Can Learn / Study at Sophia

The Japanese Language
The Japanese language courses at the Center for Language Education and Research are precisely organized according to aptitude levels, with each level offering 4 to 10 classes a week to substantially improve your Japanese language skills.
CLER Japanese language course information

Comparative Seminars for Students from German speaking countries and Japan
At the Department of German Studies, faculty members who specialize in a diverse range of studies such as linguistics, comparative culture, philosophy, sociology, political science and German teaching methods hold seminars for students from both Japan and German speaking countries.  These are programs to interculturally learn about each other’s culture. Both German and Japanese languages are used.

žClasses Offered in English (ex.: Japan Studies, etc.)
Foreign students with diverse nationalities study at the Faculty of Liberal Arts, where courses on many specialized subjects are offered in English.
Bulletin of Information
Syllabus Inquiry
To enroll, a certain level of English aptitude will be necessary.

If you already have sufficient Japanese language skills, you will also be able to take courses in other faculties and departments. It may be necessary to consult with course instructor and obtain the permission beforehand.

* Please note that only the undergraduate courses are available!

The Benefits of this Program for students from German speaking countries

You will have the full support of faculty and staff members who are fluent in German, regarding courses, social programs with other students and life in general.  Our administrative personnel can also communicate in German.
You can study together with Japanese students who are learning the German language.

–    As you improve your Japanese language skills with your Language Partner, you will also have opportunities to form friendships with Japanese students.

–    In the Japanese-German Comparative Studies courses offered at the Department of German Studies, there will be lively discussions with Japanese students about a broad range of topics on German speaking countries and Japan.

–    If you are studying Teaching German as a Foreign Language, this course presents you with opportunities to put communication with non-native German students into practice. For those who wish, teaching practices (Praktikum) in the Department of German Studies are also possible.

–    Many events such as the Welcome Party for Foreign Students, Cinema Events, Christmas Parties, etc. are held to further foster student interactions.

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