元TPP首席交渉官鶴岡公二駐英大使による特別講演会のお知らせ/Special Lecture on Migration & Co-Existence

(English follows after Japanese)

開講されている科目「Migration and Co-Existence(人の移動と共生)」の授業で、我が国 

会場:   上智大学四谷キャンパス 2号館17階 国際会議場 
日時:   2016年5月25日(水) 
   17:00-18:00  英語による講演(対象:本学学生・一般の方) 
       Title: TPP and Labour 
       タイトル: 太平洋地域におけるTPPの意義 

申し込み先メールアドレス: email hidden; JavaScript is required. 
お問合せ先:  グローバル教育センター(2号館1階)tel: 03-3238-3521   

We would like to introduce the above mentioned special lecture. 
If you could kindly agree to distribute the flyers to the students in your class hour, please let us know the number of copies. 
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Special Lecture by Ambassador to the U.K., Koji Tsuruoka, the former Japanese Chief Negotiator for the Trans-Pacific Partnership

“Migration and Co-Existence” as part of Sophia’s Latin America Program (under the auspices of the MEXT’s “Re-inventing Japan Project”) presents the first special lecture “Labor Issues in the Trans-Pacific Partnership”: 

Venue:  International Conference Hall 17th floor, Building No. 2, 
        Sophia University Yotsuya Campus 
17:00-18:00 Lecture in English(Open to Sophia students & public) 
        Title: Labor Issues in the Trans-Pacific Partnership 
18:15-19:15 Lecture in Japanese(Open to Sophia students & public) 
        Title: 太平洋地域におけるTPPの意義 
Admission: Free of charge. 
Registration required: 
Please send your name and affiliation, (for Sophia students, student ID No) to the following address. 
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Contact: Center for Global Discovery (1st floor of Building No.2) 
         Tel. 03-3238-3521