Kenneth G. Okimoto (ケネス オキモト) 教授, (サバティカル、2021−2022)

学歴 Academic background

B.A. University of California Los Angeles
M.F.A. University of California Los Angeles

Academic background:
I was an English major at UCLA in California. In universities in America, an English major is someone who studies not the English language but rather English literature. As an English major, I read everything from Chaucer (in “old English,” which is similar to the modern German language) and Shakespeare to more contemporary writers such as James Joyce and Ernest Hemingway. I was also interested in writing fiction, and studied short story writing under novelist Brian Moore. I studied playwriting and screenwriting as a graduate student at UCLA, and have written several plays and films, and have been a script consultant for films and documentaries.

Professional background:
I have worked professionally in television (at NHK), in the film industry (at Toho Studios), in journalism (at The Japan Times), in the voice industry (doing voice narrations for promotional videos and TV and radio commercials, e.g. Panasonic, Mr. Donut, etc.), and in radio (as a DJ at FM Japan’s J-Wave).

I try to apply what I have learned working in these areas in my classes at Sophia.

専門分野 Academic interests

American Media and Film
English Education
Teaching Methodology

担当科目 Courses provided at Department of English Studies

English Skills

In this course, we work on developing our English speaking and listening skills, using exercises geared toward achieving a certain level of fluency in the language. A variety of individual and group presentations as well as debates on social issues are a main part of the class work.

American Media and Film

In this seminar, we explore the American visual medium (e.g., feature-length and short films, as well as TV commercials, music videos, documentaries, etc.), and examine the literary and cultural themes as well as cinematic theories that go into its creation. We also write, film, edit our own original TV commercials and movies.

主な著書、その他 Publications, Others

・New Horizon 1, New Horizon 2, New Horizon 3 東京書籍
・ジュニアプログレッシブ英和辞典 小学館
・ジュニアプログレッシブ和英辞典 小学館
・Various papers on filmmakers and contemporary American writers