Mini Lecture Series: Working on Advanced Vocabulary from Home

Here is a short lecture on building vocabulary from Gavin Furukawa, a specialist in Sociolinguistics and Assistant Professor in the Department of English Studies:

“Many English Studies students have been worried about losing their English skills while practicing social distancing. One easy thing to do during this time is to work on your vocabulary. Here’s a short video on how to work on expanding your university-level vocabulary using some great tools that are available on the internet. In this video, I explain how to create a vocabulary log, one of the main ways that people learn vocabulary that they want to use in real life, not just for tests. I also introduce students to the General Service List and the Academic Word List.

You will then be able to practice exercises using these vocabulary lists on the website:

Remember the instructions from the video and don’t use a dictionary to complete the exercises.”

Here is the PDF for the lecture:

Vocabulary slides