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The path to global awareness and engagement begins here

For 100 years, Sophia University has been guided by the spirit of Christian humanism, shaping the lives of generations and focusing on the education of the whole person. The school’s motto, “Men and Women for Others, with Others” expresses our dedication to the larger community within which we all live and learn together.

Today, as new challenges confront the world, this commitment will be tested more than ever before. We believe education grounded in shared values provides the basis for meaningful global dialogue and that each individual can be a catalyst for greater cooperation and harmony.

As we embark on the second century of our history, we are renewing our commitment to global education through the Sophia Initiative for Education and Discovery, or SIED [sí:d]. Nurtured by the Faculty of Foreign Studies and the Center for Global Discovery, SIED will redefine our approach to higher education and accelerate our transformation to meet the needs of the global community.

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