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A vision to create citizens of the world

One and many united globally in common cause

Hone your mind and deepen your knowledge of your own language, culture, and society. Reach out to people from other areas, study their languages and cultures, learn how they live and the way they view the world. Through the understanding you gain and the empathy you share, you will become a true catalyst for global cooperation and harmony.

3 Skills × 3 Abilities

SIED grows from Sophi’s strengths in global education

Condensed Diversity

There is diversity in every aspect of the Sophia education. Our campus is a tapestry of different languages, cultures, religions, and ideas. We are a community where students, professors and staff engage in lively debate, active listening, and quiet introspection – all in the quest for knowledge and wisdom.

Continuous Skill Improvement

We advocate the concept of “global competency” based on expertise in special fields and foreign languages. To help students improve scores on language proficiency tests and certification exams, the Sophia Method employs advanced methodologies such as TEAP and CLIL.

Study Abroad Opportunitiest

Sophia enjoys exchange agreements with more than 190 overseas universities. In addition, students can receive credits through ordinary study abroad programs and as well as exchange programs that are supported by our well-informed planning and counseling services – all of which have made us a leader in international education.

Multi-disciplinary Learning

Sophia promotes multidisciplinary learning through close cooperation among eight academic departments located on the same campus. Each department conducts its own advanced research as well as teaching, while encouraging cross-department studies to prepare students for careers in complex global environments.

Personal Discovery

We believe in educating the whole person, balancing scholarship with experience that builds character and an appreciation for other cultures. Under the motto “Men and Women for Others, with Others,” we actively aspire to become truly global citizens.

Three skills and three abilities help students realize their full potential as global citizens.

3 Skills  


Hone your first language to express the subtleties of your thinking. Learn to use English as a global language. Explore the languages of other countries, as well, to establish rapport with those you meet.


Become an expert in your chosen field to solve problems and create value. Acquire multi-disciplinary knowledge and kindle a passion for learning.

Relationship Building

Be open and promote understanding. Use your expertise and critical thinking to build consensus and achieve harmony.

3 Abilities  

Communication from Japan

Become an effective communicator by deepening your knowledge of your self and Japan so you can share your ideas with people from around of the world.

Area Understanding

Interact directly with people from other areas of the world. Exercise humility and empathy, so you can view the world from their cultural perspective.

Global Perspective

Think beyond Japan and the area you live in so you can find solutions for issues ranging from the interpersonal to the global.

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