文部科学省 大学の世界展開力強化事業 ~海外との戦略的高等教育連携支援~

Re-Inventing Japan Project –Support for Strategic Higher Education Cooperation with Overseas–

Partner Universities

Gadjah Mada University (UGM)

AIMS Students  |  Several

Location  |  Jakarta, INDONESIA

TOEFL iBT  |  61

Established  |  1949

Period  |  August – January

Undergraduate  |  32,789 (2013)

Fields of study  |  Economics, Agriculture

Gadjah Mada University (UGM) was established in 1949 with six faculties: Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy; Law, Social and Political Sciences; Engineering; Letter, Pedagogy and Philosophy; Agriculture; and Veterinary Medicine. Today, the University has 18 faculties and is the largest and oldest university in Indonesia, with over 50,000 students, 2,300 teachers, and about 2,250 staff members. It is well-known for its curriculum in tropical agriculture and life sciences. Located in the heart of the provincial capital of Yogyakarta in south-central Java, the vast campus of UGM is surrounded by UNESCO world heritage sites such as the Borobudur and Prambanan temple compounds. Yogyakarta has an ancient flair quite similar to Kyoto and lies at the center of Javanese culture. In addition, nearly 120 other universities call the city home, making it famous as a university town in which students from all over the world gather to form a total student body as large as 300,000 people. The area surrounding the city is relatively flat and maintains a mild average temperature of 27°C year-round, with little seasonal change