文部科学省 大学の世界展開力強化事業 ~海外との戦略的高等教育連携支援~

Re-Inventing Japan Project –Support for Strategic Higher Education Cooperation with Overseas–

Student Voices

Mahidol University (MU)


2014年秋学期留学 (Fall 2014)

外国語学部英語学科 (Faculty of Foreign Studies)

永松 花菜さん Kana Nagamatsu


I went to Thailand to study on the AIMS student exchange program held among the member states of the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) and met other students on the same program. We shared a sense of familiarity for each other as exchange students representing one’s own country in Asia. Every time we got together, we talked about various things like why we chose Thailand, or about the differences in culture, religion and history. I gained knowledge on things I’ve never heard of before, started to feel such differences as something more familiar, and came to want to know more about each other’s country. I thought if I had gained the same knowledge in class, I wouldn’t have become this much interested and realized how lucky I was to have been able to participate in the program. This study exchange program was my first experience of living abroad. Needless to say, I had numerous discoveries and new emotions that I had never experienced before. To tell the truth, not everything I experienced was all nice. In fact, I had unpleasant feelings and experiences, too. Situations like living together in a dormitory with people of different cultural backgrounds or working on a group assignment with other students not only help nurture friendship but can often lead to unexpected and annoying consequences. However, this kind of frustration is not something you can experience just by traveling abroad or in a short stay of several weeks. The root cause of the frustration may be cultural differences, discrepancy between personal values, or almost anything. Experiencing such differences taught me the importance to be considerate to other people and to show respect even when you can’t fully understand. I also found some good aspects about Japan that I feel proud of now, but did not notice before. In all, the experience has definitely become an essential part of my life.


Elementary Thai Language
Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality Industry
Management and Organizational Behavior
Abnormal Psychology