文部科学省 大学の世界展開力強化事業 ~海外との戦略的高等教育連携支援~

Re-Inventing Japan Project –Support for Strategic Higher Education Cooperation with Overseas–

Student Voices

De La Salle University (DLSU)


2014年秋学期留学 (Fall 2014)

総合人間科学部教育学科 (Faculty of Human Science)

柴山 すずさん Suzu Shibayama


“I want to learn about the world more. I want to discover Asia and rediscover my own country.” That was what I felt upon completing the program. I also learned in the Philippines that happiness is something you define yourself. I suppose most students would imagine things like dangerous security situations, wide gap between the rich and poor, and street children when they hear of the Philippines. Some may feel sorry for the people in the Philippines because they live in an environment far from the affluence we have around us, and think that they must be unhappy because they are poor. Through my experience of studying and living in the Philippines and traveling through other ASEAN countries, however, I became fascinated by the cultures and energy of Asia, and learned that happiness is a set of different values from person to person. Just because someone doesn’t have the things you have or lives in an environment different from yours doesn’t mean that they’re unhappy. Before I actually went to study abroad, all I had in mind was that I need to be aware about the present status of the Philippines and the relation between Japan and the Philippines, but the SAIMS program widened my perspective to bring all the ASEAN countries into view. I became interested in the relation between Japan and ASEAN, our South East neighbors. Achieving certain predefined targets during your stay is important but it is also nice to come back with new interests that you can pursue. It’s all up to you to decide whether to go studying abroad, where to go and what to study. Not just visiting on a trip but living there is key to understanding more about foreign countries. If you’re thinking about or have even the slightest interest in studying in the ASEAN countries, SAIMS program is a great choice for you.


Child and Adolescents Development
Philippines Development
Advocacy Advertising and Public Relation
Urban Development
Basic Tagalog