文部科学省 大学の世界展開力強化事業 ~海外との戦略的高等教育連携支援~

Re-Inventing Japan Project –Support for Strategic Higher Education Cooperation with Overseas–

Student Voices

Chulalongkorn University (CU)


2014年秋学期留学 (Fall 2014)

国際教養学部 (Faculty of Liberal Arts)

信見 七重さん Nanae Shimmi

I have never studied abroad and haven’t ever been in a foreign country where you can get by with English. It was a step of faith to just go for it, but it was such a great experience. I think it’s made me tougher with my surroundings, and has allowed me to be more aware and cautious of everything around me. It’s made me realize that Tokyo is an extremely safe and comfortable/convenient place. Bangkok isn’t necessarily the complete opposite, but it has opened my eyes to seeing how a country develops and what living in a place like Bangkok entails. I highly recommend traveling abroad because it will give you challenges you don’t normally face when you’re in a first world country like Japan. The “sabaai sabaai” lifestyle (“it’s all good, no worries”) was hard to submit to at first, but you have to learn to adapt to a differently culture. The food was INCREDIBLE and extremely cheap. Living costs in Thailand are so much lower than Tokyo, and you can literally live off of 500 yen a day–that includes three meals and transportation. Most Thais are extremely hospitable and willing to give you a helping hand.



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