文部科学省 大学の世界展開力強化事業 ~海外との戦略的高等教育連携支援~

Re-Inventing Japan Project –Support for Strategic Higher Education Cooperation with Overseas–

Student Voices

Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU)


2014年秋学期留学 (Fall 2014)

国際教養学部 (Faculty of Liberal Arts)

上村 沙理さん Sari Uemura

Studying at one of the promising universities in the Philippines like Ateneo De Manila gave me the chance to explore a new educational environment, culture, and system. I have met many amicable and talented professors and students who are unique to Ateneo and the Philippines. Studying alongside these people boosted my confidence and self-esteem for the future, and Ateneo constantly had talks from different companies that helped me see the possibilities ahead as an international student. I was also given the chance to see what a typical day is like for a Filipino worker at a T-shirt company. I also had the privilege to meet other Japanese exchange students who are just as passionate as I am in making a difference in a developing country. This program became a priceless education for me.

The SAIMS program is surely an opportunity to study the parts of the world outside our comfort zones and meet great people. It will allow you to experience different educations, cultures and societies first hand. As future leaders of globalization, I believe it is our privilege and obligation to know the world, paying special attention to developing countries that are expected to rise economically in the future.




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