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A yearly subscription to the printed journal (two issues) is available for ¥4,600 in Japan and US$40.00 or €42.00 overseas. To subscribe, please use the Subscription Form and send it to the MN office. (For subscriptions to the journal in digital form, see below.)

Back Issues

Recent back issues and some earlier ones are available directly from MN. For volumes 1–62, back issues are $15.00 (¥1,700, €16.00) per copy, plus postage. For volumes 63 and beyond, back issues are $25.00 (¥2,500, €26.00) per copy, plus postage. For availability, please email the MN office.

Online Availability (current and past issues)

MUSE: The current issue and back issues within the last five years are available in digital form through Project MUSE.

JSTOR: Older issues of the journal, with a five-year moving wall, are available in digital form through JSTOR.


From volume 28 (1973) onward, the journal is available in microfilm through NA Publishing, Inc.

Monumenta Nipponica Monographs

For a list of titles in the Monumenta Nipponica Monographs series and other books available through MN, please click here.

How to Pay:

By credit card (Visa or MasterCard; payment is yen based, so your actual bill will vary with exchange rates).

Bank transfer (in yen, US dollars, or euros; Mizuho Bank, Swift code MHCBJPJT, Yotsuya Branch, acct. no. 203909, payable to Sophia University 上智学院).

By check or money order (in US dollars or euros, payable to Sophia University; please do not send yen-denominated checks).

By Japanese postal deposit (in yen; acct. no. 00160-2-27419, payable to 学校 法人上智学院, forms available at the post office; available within Japan only).

Prices, listed in yen, dollars, and euros, do not include postage, tax, or bank transfer fees, where applicable. Please address inquiries and orders to:

Monumenta Nipponica

Sophia University

Attn.: Junko Shinohara

7-1 Kioi-chō, Chiyoda-ku


Tel: 81-3-3238-3543

Fax: 81-3-3238-3835


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