米国、ニューヨークにあるフォーダム大学より、MA Program in International Political Economy and Development(Fordham IPED)募集のご案内です(※学費サポート制度あり)。 

The IPED program leads to an MA degree that can be completed in 3 semesters. The curriclum is designed to integrate the analytical methods of economics, political science, and quantitative analysis in order to study international economic relations. 

Those applicants who succeed in the competition for financial aid are normally awarded a scholarship that covers the full cost of tuition as well as a Graduate Assistantship that pays a stipend of at least US$ 22,685 annually.  To be considered for financial aid, we must receive the student’s completed application (including GRE scores, TOEFL score, three letters of recommendation and the transcript of undergraduate and graduate coursework) prior to January 6, 2016. We strongly enconrage international students to submit their applications by December 1, 2015.

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