• Lisa Fairbrother (リサ フェアブラザー)

    フェアブラザー リサ
    個人用ウェブサイト等/Othershttp://sophia.academia.edu/LisaFairbrother 主な著書/Publications Fairbrother, L., M. Sloboda & J. Nekvapil (Eds.) (forthcoming, 2017). The language management approach: Special focus on research methodology. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang. Fairbrother, L. (2015). The ‘multiform’ linguistic, sociolinguistic and sociocultural practices of plurilingual employees in European multinationals in Japan. The Japanese Journal of Language in Society, 18(1), 162-175. Fairbrother, L. (2015). Language management in the Japanese workplace. In W. Davis & E. Ziegler (Eds.), Language planning and microlinguistics: From policy to interaction and vice versa (pp. 186-203). Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. Fairbrother, L. (2015). The management of language and power in intercultural contact situations in Japan. The International Journal of the Sociology of Language, 232, 59-78. <続きを読む>
  • 北原真冬

    self-redhat (1)
    ・Voicing Effect on Vowel Duration: Corpus Analyses of Japanese Infants and Adults, and Production Data of English Learners”, Journal of the Phonetic Society of Japan, 18-1, pp.30-39, (2014) ・「音韻論」鈴木良次 (編)『言語科学の百科事典』1-4章, pp. 69-90, 東京:丸善 (2006) ・Category structure and function of pitch accent in Tokyo Japanese, インディアナ大学ブルーミントン校 博士論文 (2001) Other:上智大学国際言語情報研究所 音声学研究室 室長<続きを読む>
  • 小川 公代

    小川 公代
    ・「『フランケンシュタイン』の幽霊ー伝承バラッドの再話として」『幻想と怪奇の英文学 2 増殖進化編』東雅夫,下楠昌哉編,(春風社,2016年) ・『文学理論をひらく』(共著、北樹社、2014年)・「アン・ラドクリフ『イタリアの惨劇』における幻想性と怪異感」、『幻想と怪奇の英文学』、下楠昌哉編、(春風社、2014年)・『イギリス文学入門』、石塚久郎責任編集、(分担執筆、三修社、2014年)・「観相学から骨相学へ―『フランケンシュタイン』における身体性」、『病と身体の英文学』(英宝社、2005年) ・”Cross-Channel Discourses of Sensibility: Madeleine de Scudery, Charlotte Lennox’s The Female Quixote (1752), and their Romantic Inheritors.” in British Romanticism in European Perspective: Into the Eurozone. Ed. Stephen Clark, Tristanne Connolly. (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015)・“Embodying Disinterest: William Godwin and Hazlitt” in Grasmere, 2013. In Selected Papers from the Wordsworth Summer Conference at Rydal Hall. Ed. Richard Gravil. (The Wordsworth Conference Foundation, 2013)<続きを読む>
  • 出口 真紀子

    出口 真紀子
    出口真紀子 (2017). 「真のダイバーシティをめざして—特権に無自覚なマジョリティのための社会的公正教育」(監訳)上智大学出版. (Japanese translation of Diane J. Goodman’s book “Promoting Diversity and Social Justice: Educating Members of Privileged Groups” 2011, 2nd edition) Deguchi, M. (October, 2016). “Teaching about Privilege in Japan.” In L. Rogers, Harper, J.K., Fujimoto, D., & Lee, S.I.. (Eds.), Readings on Diversity Issues: From hate speech to identity and privilege in Japan. eBook, Lulu.com. Deguchi, M. (October, 2016). “Microaggressions in a Japanese Context.” In L. Rogers, Harper, J.K., Fujimoto, D., & Lee, S.I. (Eds.), Readings on Diversity Issues: From hate speech to identity and privilege in Japan. eBook, Lulu.com. 出口真紀子.「マジョリティがマジョリティの特権を追及する責任」(コラム『水平線』p. 10-11)部落解放10月号第731号、2016年10月10日.解放出版社. Mercier, H., Deguchi, M. Van der Henst, J.B., & Yama, H. (2016). The benefits of <続きを読む>
  • 飯島 真里子

    ・飯島真里子「移動する沖縄女性―ハワイ・フィリピンをめぐって」沖縄県教育庁文化財課史料編集班編『沖縄県史 各論編8 女性史』2016、209-223頁・飯島真里子「北米地域への日本人移民―アメリカ本土・ハワイ・カナダの移住経験を比較して」上智大学アメリカ・カナダ研究所編『北米研究入門―「ナショナル」を問い直す』(上智大学出版、2015)235-262頁・飯島真里子「フィリピン日本人移民の戦争体験と引揚げ―沖縄出身者を中心として」『アジア遊学』(勉誠出版、2011)No. 145、136-149頁・飯島真里子「ハワイ日本人移民の二段階移動:国際移動から国内移動へ」『アメリカ・カナダ研究』(上智大学アメリカ・カナダ研究所、2011)No.28、29-67頁・飯島真里子「戦前日本人コーヒー栽培者のグローバル・ヒストリー」『移民研究』(琉球大学国際沖縄研究所移民研究部門、2011)2011、7号、 1-24頁 個人用HPはこちらへ。<続きを読む>
  • 大塚祐子

    PRO and null SE: Case, tense, and empty categories in Tongan. Syntax 14(3): 265-296. NP ellipsis in Tongan: Is syntactic ergativity real? Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 28(2): 315-342. Fostering the growth of budding community initiatives: The role of linguists in Tokelauan maintenance in Hawai‘i. Language Documentation and Conservation 1(2): 240-256. (With Andrew Wong.) Making a case for Tongan as an endangered language. The Contemporary Pacific 19(2): 446-73. Niuean and Eastern Polynesian: A view from syntax. Oceanic Linguistics 45: 429-56. Ergative-absolutive patterns in Tongan: An overview. In Jessica Coon, Diane Massam, and Lisa Travis (eds.), Oxford handbook of ergativity. Oxford: Oxford University Press.<続きを読む>
  • Marc Kaufman (マーク カウフマン)

    カウフマン マーク
    主な著書 Publications ・”The Usual Pain. A Short Story.” Isthmus Review. October 2017. Web. http://www.isthmusreview.com/the-usual-pain-by-marc-kaufman/ ・”Language in the Round” The Font: A Literary Journal for Language Teachers. May 2017. Web. http://thefontjournal.com/language-in-the-round/ ・”Sensory Science. A Short Story.” F(r)iction Online. March 2017. Web. https://tetheredbyletters.com/sensory-science-by-marc-kaufman/ ・”London. A Short Story.” TYO Mag. June 2013. Web. http://tyomag.com/issue-03/kaufman ・”Is it Okay to be Okay Again? Tokyo One Year Later.” Narrative Magazine. 24 April 2012.Web. http://www.narrativemagazine.com/issues/stories-week-2011-2012/story-week/it-okay-be-okay-again-marc-kaufman  ・Making Choices and Encouraging Adaptation in the Classroom.’ Asia University Center For English Language Education Journal, Volume 19, 2011.  ・‘Exploring Student Perceptions Of Katakana English’ with Michael Kistler, Asia University Center For English Language Education Journal, Volume 17, 2009.  その他 Others ・”Dream Eaters” (Fiction) Honorable Mention, Glimmer Train Magazine Spring Fiction Competition, 2016.  ・”The Human <続きを読む>
  • Robert MacIntyre (ロバート マッキンタイヤー)

    (2015). New Challenge: Speaking and Listening (S&L) Course Development for Stream 4 Students. Language Research Bulletin. Retrieved from http://lrb.info.icu.ac.jp/home/lrb-volume-30-2015. (2013). Lost in a forest all alone: the use of hedges and boosters in the argumentative essays of Japanese university students. Sophia International Review, 01-24. (2010). How do they stand? Research into the representation of stance in academic writing and its implications for pedagogy. Sophia International Review, 19-26. (2010). Pedagogy, Practice and Personal Pronouns: the Use of “I” and “We” in Academic Writing. Bulletin of the Faculty of Foreign Studies, 31-45. (2007). Revision of a criterion-referenced rating scale used to assess academic writing. Studies in Linguistics and Language Teaching, 203-219. (2007). <続きを読む>
  • Christopher Isherwood (クリストファー イシャウッド) 

    主な著書 Publications Bulletin of the Faculty of Foreign Studies, Sophia University No. 50 (2015) “A Prophetic Voice? Re-reading Oe Kenzaburo’s The Pinch Runner Memorandum in “Post” 3.11 Japan” (pp. 3-27)  神奈川大学:国際経済論集 No. 48 (2014.10) 暴力に逆らって書く文学:大江健三郎の『奇妙な仕事』に逆行する意味」(pp. 117-138) 神奈川大学:国際経済論集 No. 47 (2014.3) “Writing Against Violence: Oe Kenzaburo and Edward Said” (pp.159-166) Research Writing in Japan. Senri Ethnological Reports 49: (pp. 17-28) (2004)      “Standards in Literature and Academic Writing: Comments on Literary and Academic Criticism in Japan” New Zealand Journal of Asian Studies, vol.5 Number 2、December 2003 “Beyond Boundaries: Center and Periphery Discourse in the works of Oe Kenzaburo and Witi Ihimaera”<続きを読む>
  • Susan Edwards

    ’Reading Reaction Journals to Bridge a Reading Course and a Writing Course’, with Mariko Miyajima, Bulletin of Seisen University Research Insitute for Cultural Science, Volume 30, March 2009 ‘Heeding the Calls for Accountability in Writing’, with Ken Enochs and Dr. Sandra Gillespie, ICU Language Research Bulletin, Volume 21, 2006 ‘Language Learning Strategies in Non-Formal and Informal Technology-Enhanced Contexts’, with Professor Barry Natusch, Kenkyu Kiyo, Vol. 48, Nihon University College of Economics, January 2005 ‘Individual Support in Tertiary Academic Settings’, with Mariko Miyajima, ICU Language Research Bulletin, Volume 19, 2004 ‘Integrating Media into Pedagogy: The Effect of Websites on Learning Modes’, with Professor Barry Natusch, Kenkyu Kiyo, Vol. 44, Nihon University <続きを読む>