Susan Edwards (スーザン エドワーズ) 講師

学歴 Academic background

ダーラム大学卒業        (文学士)

B.A. Joint Honours French and Spanish, Durham University
M.Ed.(Masters in Education), Bristol University
RSADTEFLA (Royal Society of Arts Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults)

専門分野 Academic interests

I am interested in finding ways to improve students’ abilities to think critically in their academic work.
I am also very interested in how students can become better academic writers and am currently developing materials for academic writing in the disciplines.
I have a great interest in art history, in particular in art as a socio-historical tool to analyse attitudes about the British colonial and post-colonial periods.

担当科目 Courses provided at Department of English Studies

English Composition

In English Composition students learn the steps involved in writing a research paper, from how to find a good topic to how to change a paper into a presentation.

English Skills

In English Skills students concentrate on improving speaking skills and critical thinking through discussions, debates and presentations. They also make a self-study program so that they can independently improve their vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, listening or writing.

Study Abroad

In Study Abroad students focus not only on study skills but also on intercultural communication to prepare for their period of study in a foreign country.

Art and British Commonwealth Culture

In Art and British Commonwealth Culture we analyse works of art in terms of what they tell about aspects of Colonial and Post-Colonial life. We also consider the works from the more traditional art historical perspective of styles and movements.

主な著書、その他 Publications, Others

’Reading Reaction Journals to Bridge a Reading Course and a Writing Course’, with Mariko Miyajima, Bulletin of Seisen University Research Insitute for Cultural Science, Volume 30, March 2009

‘Heeding the Calls for Accountability in Writing’, with Ken Enochs and Dr. Sandra Gillespie, ICU Language Research Bulletin, Volume 21, 2006

‘Language Learning Strategies in Non-Formal and Informal Technology-Enhanced Contexts’, with Professor Barry Natusch, Kenkyu Kiyo, Vol. 48, Nihon University College of Economics, January 2005

‘Individual Support in Tertiary Academic Settings’, with Mariko Miyajima, ICU Language Research Bulletin, Volume 19, 2004

‘Integrating Media into Pedagogy: The Effect of Websites on Learning Modes’, with Professor Barry Natusch, Kenkyu Kiyo, Vol. 44, Nihon University College of Economics, January 2004