Hello from Austin!

山地 幸子

How are you doing guys?
I’m so glad I can write a blog here again!
(I have many highs and lows recently. But here I’d like to write about highs!)

By the way, I went to State Capitol last weekend.
What is State Capitol by the way? It means a state congress and politicians in Texas gather there. I guess President Bush was also doing his job at Capitol..

Surprise, surprise, State Capitol is within a walking distance from the University of Texas at Austin. So you don’t have to take a bus or other public transportation to get there.
The outside of Capitol is like this.

I took this picture when I walk to the capitol from my dorm.

I took this picture when I walk to the capitol from my dorm.

What’s the inside like then?
You can see this big hall.. and you’ll find there are series of pictures of historical governors of Texas on the wall..  so amazing.






And this spiral staircase..
You can also see the top of a ceiling!


Did you like this cool State Capitol? I hope so!
You can go to the capitol for free, but be sure that you have to pass through metal detectors to get in!

I will end this blog by showing this picture. Nice view, isn’t it?