• 審判 (The Trial) – A Film Directed by Professor John Williams, Starts June 30th

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    Filmmaker and Department of English Studies Professor, John Williams, premiers his exciting new film adaptation of Franz Kafka’s The Trial at Eurospace in Shibuya starting June 30th. For Sophia University students, faculty and staff, tickets are 1000 yen.(Please show your valid university ID to receive the discount.)  All screenings will be in Japanese with English subtitles.For more information about the film, please visit this website:http://shinpan-film.com/ 映画「審判」(The Trial)―ジョン・ウィリアムズ教授が監督した映画「審判」6/30(土)より公開映画監督でもある英語学科のジョン・ウィリアムズ教授が、フランツ・カフカの小説「審判」を東京を舞台に映画化した「審判」が6月30日(土)より渋谷・ユーロスペースにて公開されます。上智大学の学生、教職員は特別料金1,000円でご鑑賞できます。劇場窓口にて学生証、教職員証をご提示ください。毎回、英語字幕付での上映となります。イベントや舞台挨拶など、最新情報は公式HPをご確認ください。http://www.shinpan-film.com/ <続きを読む>
  • Being Self-Sufficient by Yukari Lewis Ishizuka

    I have lived most of my life in Nagoya, Aichi, where I was continuously educated from the age of 7 of the threat of a big magnitude 8 earthquake, called the Nankai megathrust earthquake. It is said to be the combination of 3 huge earthquakes from the Tokai region to the Kyusyu region. I grew up with the fear of my hometown being totally destroyed with my family underneath it, which caused me to lose sleep from time to time because of nightmares of my grandmother being squashed underneath a huge cupboard in her bedroom or seeing myself struggling for my life in the heavy smoke of a burning building. <続きを読む>
  • 第8回上智大学全国高校生英語弁論大会ジョン・ニッセル杯参加者募集

    上智大学では、2011年度から高校生による英語弁論大会「ジョン・ニッセル杯」を開催しています。この度、第8回となる2018年度大会の開催が決定しました。 詳しくは、こちらのリンクからご覧下さい。<続きを読む>
  • Faculty Spotlight: Professor Oshio, a specialist in US History

    小塩 和人
    Professor Kazuto Oshio lived in Germany until the start of elementary school. After returning to Japan he attended public school and after high school entered Tskuba University.  His original intention was to be a high school English teacher, but life took him in other directions and he was presented with the opportunity to pursue graduate work at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, where he got his M.A. in history. Professor Oshio then went on to get his Ph.D. at the University of California at Santa Barbara, where he began his work on environmental history and water history in the western United States. Recently, he sat down with the editors of the student journal Angles, <続きを読む>
  • Orientation Camp 2018

    From April 5th-6th, the Department of English Studies held orientation camp for all of our 1st-year students. The event was co-organized by our department student helpers and gave the freshman an opportunity to meet one another, learn in more detail about the university and the department, and also have an opportunity to talk with faculty members about their courses.   (During the evening session, faculty members took turns introducing themselves)     (Towards the end of the evening, the student helpers, with a musical assist from Professor Togo, led the group through the school song. )   The camp was a great success! We thank everyone who attended and helped organize the <続きを読む>
  • Angles: a Journal of New Writing (Issue 3 Now Available)

    The Department of English Studies is excited to announce that the third issue of Angles, a student journal of new writing, was published in March of 2018. This is our largest and most expansive issue yet! For close to a year, a dedicated group of student editors worked to gather material, consult with writers, and design and layout the journal for printing.  The third issue contains more than twenty pieces that span a variety of writing genres, including personal essays, senior thesis excerpts, as well as fiction and poetry. Angles endeavors to be a place where ideas can be explored openly, an outlet equal in spirit to the diverse range <続きを読む>
  • 北米研究コース・アジア研究コース卒論発表会報告記

    1月20日に毎年恒例の外国語学部英語学科の卒業論文発表会が行われました。小塩和人先生、出口真紀子先生、石井紀子先生、飯島真里子先生の各ゼミに所属する学生が参加し、総勢20名の2018年度卒業者が論文を発表しました。 まず最初に、卒業論文の内容から歴史、社会問題、文化、アイデンティティ、教育の五つのカテゴリーに分け、一人5分ほどのプレゼンテーションを行われました。具体的に、日本における多文化社会と差別についてや、日系アメリカ人と太鼓の関係など、様々な興味深い論文の内容が発表されました。一つ一つのプレゼンの内容が大変濃い上、発表者の伝えたい要点が整理されていたため発表会が例年よりスムーズに進み、有意義な時間を過ごせました。 最後に先生方から発表に関する講評を頂き、発表会を締めくくりました。今年度は卒業論文執筆者が多く一人当たりの発表時間は限られていましたが、4年生それぞれの論文に対する強い思いが伝わってきました。どの論文も各カテゴリーにおいて今までになかった視点から分析していて,とても刺激的な発表だったと思います。また発表の最後にはこれから卒論を書く3年生に向けてのアドバイスを頂きました。先輩方のアドバイスを胸に研究を進め、常にパッションを持ち、計画的に卒論を書き進めていきたいと思います。 発表者の皆さん、お疲れ様でした。そして素敵な発表をありがとうございました。 (報告者英語学科三年 成田美紅、中山葉月) *当日のプログラムはこちらから→卒論発表会2018           発表の様子    集合写真                    <続きを読む>
  • Beyond the Doors by Ayaka Yamaguchi

    Issue 3 Cover-Finalim
      “I think of it like a new world is coming in through that door, rather than a customer.” That is what the owner of the café told us in the end, and it is one of the most memorable things anyone has ever told me.  My mother and I had lunch in Jiyugaoka that day, and the old wooden signboard of the café that read “六文銭(Rokumonsen)” caught my eyes. It clearly stood out from the rest of the street, with a McDonald’s and other cafes going after the current pancake craze. I peeked in through the window of the wooden door. Although I was curious too, I was hesitant to go in. <続きを読む>
  • Faculty Spotlight: Professor Mitsuyo Sakamoto, a specialist in Linguistics.

    Professor Mitsuyo Sakamoto grew up in Canada. Due to the influence of being born in a multicultural country, she started to have an interest in language which later pushed her to pursue her career as a linguist. She finished her B.A. and afterward completed her Ph.D. at the University of Toronto. Her areas of interest are Bilingualism, Language acquisition, maintenance and attrition, Second and third language acquisition, Foreign language pedagogy, Sociocultural theory and SLA, Qualitative research, Multiculturalism and multicultural education. Recently, she sat down with the editors of the student journal Angles, to discuss her career, her work, and her teaching. Angles Editor: How did you get started in your field? <続きを読む>
  • Faculty Spotlight Part II: Professor Makiko Deguchi, specialist in Cultural Psychology

    Professor Makiko Deguchi is an associate professor in the Department of English Studies. She completed her undergraduate work in Economics at Wellesley College and then went on to earn two Masters in Psychology and Human Development, as well as her Ph.D. in Cultural Psychology, at Boston University.  She recently translated the book Diane J. Goodman’s “Promoting Diversity and Social Justice: Educating Members of Privileged Groups” 2011, into Japanese.  Professor Deguchi sat down with editors of the student journal Angles, to discuss the book, her career, and her teaching philosophy. Angles Editors: Why did you choose (to study/teach) psychology? Professor Deguchi: Well, my undergraduate major was in economics and I had regretted majoring in <続きを読む>