List of Graduation Theses

Concentration Overview

Authors and titles of graduation theses for the 2012 academic year are listed below.

Note: Although these theses were submitted for the 2012 academic year, they are categorized here according to the nine courses of study being offered from the 2014 academic year.

North American Studies

Understanding American Women’s Experiences of Infertility and Infertility Treatments: The Importance of Sociological Context
Expanding the Career Choice of Black Women in the United States: Nurse as the Key Profession
Girls’ Exposure to Disney Princess Animations from the Early 20th Century to Early 21st Century
At the Top of the United States: Aristocracy in the Country of Equality and Freedom
How Social and Historical Backgrounds Affect Film Adaptation: A Case Study of A Little Princess
Political Views in the Southern United States: An Analysis of Previous Presidential Elections

European Studies

The Representation of the Other in Western Visual Culture in the 19th Century
18th and 19th Century British Women Writers and their Strategic Masquerades: A Comparative Study on Jane Austen and Emily Brontë
Social Position of Women and Analysis of Gender Representation in Fahrenheit 451 and Alien
Social Position of Women and Analysis of Gender Representation in Fahrenheit 451 and Alien
Marriage and Economy in the Novels of Jane Austen: From Analysis of Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice
A Comparative Study of Japanese and German Nursing-Care Insurance Systems
A Study of the Neoliberal Reforms in Japan and Germany
Kreative Stadtplanung bei Bevölkerungsschwund
The Decline and Reorganization of the North Frisian Language
Why Did the Germans Persecute the Jews?
Deutsch nach Englisch: Der Einfluss des Englischen auf den Erwerb der zweiten Fremdsprache
Changes in the Economic Structure of Shetland’s Traditional Industries
The Social Integration of the Sephardim in France
García Lorca’s View of Women, as Seen in The House of Bernarda Alba
La place des femmes dans la Franc-maçonnerie
Une double identité culturelle dans  une nation: Les “hafu” au pays du soleil levant
Belgium’s Languages and Language Issues and the Relationship to Performing Arts Policy and Activities:  The Coexistence of Multiple Languages in the Sphere of Cultural Activities
The Self-Representation of 2nd Generation Algerian Immigrants in France:  Remembering Algeria and Making a Life in France

Latin American Studies

Brazil’s Transportation Policy: Brazil’s Transformation as a Railroad-Promoting Nation
The Potential for Social Businesses in Alleviating Brazil’s Poverty: The Case of Banco Palmas in Northeastern Brazil
The Impact of Liberalization on Mexico’s Electric Power Sector
Leonora Carrington and Remedios Varo: The Practice of Surrealism in Mexico
The “Isolation” of Characters in Este Domingo by José Donoso
Educational Issues for Young Brazilians of Japanese Descent
A Proposed Growth Strategy for Existing and Future Small to Medium-Sized, Mexican-Capitalized Automobile Parts Manufacturers
Los problemas territoriales de los mapuches en la sociedad actual chilena: con testimonios de Región de la Araucanía
A Study of Theater Troupes of South Americans of Japanese Descent: Through the Exploration of the Identity of Latin American–Style People’s Theater
The Ideology of Revolutionary Ernesto Che Guevara: “Seremos como el Che”
Consumption Trends among Brazilians: The Purchasing Motivations that Support a Major Market

Russian and Eurasian Studies

The Changing Form of Expression in Gippius’s Dramas: Using the Example of Color
The Changing Objective and Role of the Act of Translation and Retranslation
Ethnic Jokes from the Establishment of the Soviet Union to Today: Searching for the Essence of Russia’s Ethnic Anecdotes
A Study of the Ethnic Autonomy Theory of A. Z.Validov
The Potential for Breaking Away from a Resource-Dependent Economic Model
Views of Life and Death in Narbikova’s The Whisper of Noise


Can Children Acquire a Second Language from Educational TV Programs?
A Proposal for Barrier-Free Teaching Materials and Methods Using ICT
The Relationship among Theory of Mind, Joint Attention, and Language Development
Introducing Communicative Activities into English Education in Japan
Research on Immersion Education: Implications for the Teaching of English in Japan
Pragmatics Instruction
The Effects and the Learners’ Perception of Recasts: A Mini Case Study of Japanese Adult Learners of English-as-a-Foreign-Language
Investigating Effective Methods and Techniques in English Classes: Using the Textbook
What Is Discourse Analysis?: The Perspective of Martin and Rose (2007)
Lexical Phrases in High School English Textbooks in Japan and The National Center for University Entrance Examination
The Dream and Reality of English Power
Learning English by Skype: Issues Relating to Marketing and Motivation
A Comparison of the Use of the Bilingual Deictic Verbs Ir, Venir, and Anar in Castilian Spanish and Catalan
Changes in Phrase Structure Rules and X Theory
A Study of Equivalent Meaning in Japanese Translation: Based on an Analysis of Adverbs, Conjunctions, and Interjections
The Learning of Articles in Spanish by Native Speakers of Japanese
El artículo definido en los nombres de país
Caractéristiques de l’enseignant natif et l’enseignant non-natif : leurs influences sur la motivation des apprenants japonais de FLE
A Semantic Study of German Adjectives: Taking a Clue from the Differentiated Use of Subjective, Objective and Genitive Case Nouns that Represent People and the Preposition “für”
A Linguistic Comparison of Japanese and German: The Semantic Function and Symbolism of Color in Idiomatic Expressions

Asian Studies

Why Japanese Food Became Popular in Thailand: A Study of the Japan-Thai Partnership from the Viewpoint of Japanese Cuisine
The Portuguese Catholic Church in Timor-Leste: The Role of Jesuit Missionaries
The Day-to-Day World of Philippine Women as Seen in the Households of Japanese-Filipina Marriages
China’s Ethnic Policy: From the Republic of China Period to the People’s Republic of China’s System of Regional Ethnic Autonomy

Middle Eastern and African Studies

Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution: A Study from the Perspective of Civil Society Theory
Linguistic Policy in Senegal: From Colonial Administration to the Diouf Administration
Escaping Oil Dependency in Angola: The Potential of Agriculture
The History and Impact of the Introduction of Sharia in Sudan
Multilingual and Multicultural Coexistence as Seen in the “Fulbe Holy War”

International Politics

Democracy vs. Authoritarianism: The Conditions under which Regional Institutions Can Influence the Political Systems of Member States
The Origin of and Challenges Associated with the Application of the “Responsibility to Protect” Concept: Can This Concept Become a Means for Protecting Civilians?
History Textbooks: An Analysis of the Influence on the Reconciliatory Development of Post–World War Nations
The History of Japan’s Security Policy as Seen in the Responses to Diet Questions Regarding the Three Elements of Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution
European Integration Theory in the Interwar Years: From the Ideology of Coudenhove-Kalergi
Regime Change and Structural Reform: Where Did the Supporters of Reform Go?
Coercive Democracy Promotion during the War on Terror: Joseph Nye’s Criticism of the George W. Bush Administration Foreign Policy in the Iraq War and Beyond
What Kind of World did America Aim to Realize?: From the Post–WWII Era to the Bush Doctrine

Civil Society and International Cooperation

Expectations and Concerns with Regard to Globalizing Social Enterprises
Where Society and Individuals Merge: Selective and Assimilative Functions of Frontier College as an Adult Education in Canada
The Possibility of Citizen Participation in Planning for Environmental Regulations Related to the Decommissioning of Nuclear Power Plants
The Changing Economy and Female Labor: Diversification of Female Labor in Japan and Its Idiosyncrasies
Three Mile Island and Fukushima—From Memory to Emotion: A Comparison of People’s Reactions in Japan and the United States to Accidents at Nuclear Power Plants
The Death in Isolation of Seniors: Measures and Issues in Combatting Isolation and Poverty
What Changes Does Japan Need to Make in its Policies on Foreign Workers?
A Study of the Social Impact of Multinational Agribusiness Companies on Producers
What Is “Interesting” about Manga?: A Comparison of the Reception of Seinto Oniisan (Saint Young Men) in Japan and France